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AG-D2000 - AG-D2000

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the AG-790.



I plugged my component into the HDMI input but I don't hear anything? 

The HDMI "IN" connectors on the AG-D2000 are simply "pass through" paths to the HDMI "MONITOR" out port which sends the HDMI signal to your TV. To get the audio from the HDMI components to play through the receiver's speaker outputs, separate audio connections must be made. 

What is the remote code or my TEAC component? I want to use a universal remote. 

These multi-digit codes are not created by equipment manufacturers but implemented by the remote control manufacturers.Hopefully you have a Universal Remote Control with a  "learning" function that can pick up any audio device's remote data.

Also, there are a number of internet sites that claim to have remote code databases.You can try a search engine using the following terms: TEAC+"remote contol codes"