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AG-H380 - AM/FM Stereo Tuner, iPod Digital Direct Connection, Phonostage and USB Play/Record, Integrated Amp.

This model has been discontinued.


The TEAC AG-H380 packs a high-quality stereo receiver into a compact component with inputs for all of your components – even an iPod. Switch between seven inputs: Phono, Aux 1, Aux 2, CD, AM/FM Tuner, USB and iPod. The iPod input includes a high-quality D/A converter, bypassing the analog electronics on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for the highest audio quality. The AG-H380 can also play MP3 files from USB flash memory drives.

A pair of speaker terminal outputs drives up to 40W per channel to your monitors. A subwoofer output can also be employed for extra punch. The AG-H380 includes a wireless remote control, and a rear-panel remote connection can be connected to devices like the PD-H380 CD player for full-system control.

Compact and affordable, the AG-H380 is a perfect centerpiece to your home or office sound system.