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AI-2000 - Integrated Amplifier

This model has been discontinued.


Experiencing Splendid Sound Performance
A class-leading traditional Stereo Pre-main Amplifier

TEAC’s AI-2000 is a member of TEAC’s exclusive Distinction series of integrated amplifiers. It uses true discrete analog circuits and multiple analog inputs for versatile audio system planning. A high-quality sculpted aluminum front panel and volume knob exudes quality, and the interior is filled with electronic components of equal caliber.

The AI-2000 drives 180W per channel into one of two sets of speakers, switchable from the front panel and terminated with binding posts. It has a balanced analog input in addition to the five standard analog inputs, including a phono input stage. A preamp out is also included for use with a recorder or to send to a subwoofer. A stereo headphone output is also provided for private listening. TEAC’s AI-2000 is the rare component built for discerning audio quality without the stratospheric price tag to match.  The AI-2000 is available in black or silver.

TEAC’s Distinction series is a new line of high-end products for listeners looking for exquisite sound quality from their components. Engineers from Esoteric, our exclusive audiophile brand, were involved in the voicing phase of their product development.

Color Variations

AI-2000-B (Black)
AI-2000-B (Black)
AI-2000-S (Silver)
AI-2000-S (Silver)


Main Features


Ultra High Audio Performance

High performance output power with Output Protection System
The AI-2000 delivers total 360 watts of output power at 4 ohms loading, or total 250 watts of output power at 8 ohms loading, so that the AI-2000 employs Output Protection System to protect connected devices, when the output power is overloaded. In this case, the AI-2000 cancels to deliver audio signal to amplifier section, and volume will be turned down automatically.
Discrete Dual Monaural Analog Amplifier Circuits
To achieve the ultimate audio performance, the AI-2000 employed discrete circuit design which allows engineers to choose the most appropriate parts to every single section of the circuit.
Each circuit is designed as a monaural, to eliminate interference between signal paths of left and right channels.
Symmetric Circuit Design
Inside the AI-2000, it employs symmetric circuit design, in order to equalize the signal travel distance for left and right channels.
Toroidal-core Power Transformer
To deliver total 360 watts of output power constantly, the AI-2000 employs a large Toroidal-core Power Transformer for the power supply.

Quality Build, Quality Design

Full Aluminum Body and Steel Chassis
The AI-2000 employs extremely thick aluminum panels for front, top and sides, as steel chassis is used for back panel and bottom chassis. This robust construction contributes to eliminate unnecessary vibration by its weight, and gives a real-thing look to the AI-2000 as an authentic hi-fi amplifier.
Total 6 Audio Inputs including PHONO and Balanced Analog Audio Input
The AI-2000 equips total 6 analog audio inputs, including balanced audio input, PHONO input, and line inputs for CD, Tuner, and AUX.
2 Pairs of Speaker Terminals
The AI-2000 equips 2 pairs of speaker terminals for Speaker-A and Speaker-B. Each speaker terminal is a screw type which allows users to connect thick speaker cable for high-end class.
Machined Aluminum Volume Knob
A beautifully machined aluminum volume knob is located at the center of the front panel.
Remote Control with Aluminum Fascia
A handsome remote control with aluminum fascia comes with the AI-2000. It also equips major control keys for Distinction CD Players and AM/FM Tuner.


Features at-a-glance

  • 180W+180W (at 4 ohms) or 125W+125W (at 8 ohms) output power with Output Protection System
  • Discrete Dual Monaural Analog Audio Amplifier Circuits
  • Symmetric Circuit Design
  • Toroidal-core Power Transformers
  • Full Aluminum Body and Steel Chassis
  • Total 6 Audio Inputs including PHONO and Balanced Input
  • 2 Pairs of Speaker Terminals
  • Machined Aluminum Volume Knob
  • Remote Control with Aluminum Fascia

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