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CD-3000 - CD/SACD Player

This model has been discontinued.


A New Way of Enjoying Music for high-end Audiophole
The ultimate High-resolution CD Player with USB Audio Input

The CD-3000 is one of a series of the finest CD/SACD players ever made by TEAC, with the added features of high-quality D/A conversion including Upsampling and computer output interface. The CD-3000 features a solid optical transport with a aluminum side and top panels as well as tray bezel for stable reading. It contains dual 192kHz/24-bit D/A converters – CS4398 running in dual differential mode which are capable of upsampling your CDs to 192 kHz at 24 bits. A meticulously designed output stage boasts an incredible dynamic range over 120dB and signal to noise over 110dB.

In addition to disc playback, the CD-3000 functions as a D/A converter and USB 2.0 audio interface for Mac or Windows computers for streaming playback of your music library. It’s ideal for listening to high-resolution audio formats such as FLAC, WAV and Apple Lossless files. The rear panel of the CD-3000 features a pair of XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced line outputs and a coaxial digital output. It includes a wireless remote control and detachable AC cord.  The product is available in black or silver.

TEAC’s Distinction series is a new line of high-end products for listeners looking for exquisite sound quality from their components. Engineers from Esoteric, our exclusive audiophile brand, were involved in the voicing phase of their product development.

Color Variations

CD-3000-B (Black)
CD-3000-B (Black)
CD-3000-S (Silver)
CD-3000-S (Silver)


Main Features


Experiencing High-resolution Audio To TOP
Supports SACD, CD-DA, CD-R/RW Discs
As a high-end digital disc player, the CD-3000 supports SACD, as well as CD-DA, CD-R/RW discs.
USB2.0 High-speed USB Audio Input
Not only to playback SACD, the CD-3000 equips a USB Port that allows users to connect to a PC, and playback high-resolution audio data from it. This is a totally new way of enjoy music listening for high-end audiophile, by playing back high-resolution digital audio data, which is several times more precise than conventional CD-DA.
24bit/192kHz Dual D/A Converters for Left and Right Channels
The CD-3000 employs a pair of D/A Converters which is capable of processing up to 24bit/192kHz digital audio, for each left and right channel respectively. This contributes to reduce cross talk between left and right channels, and maximizes purity of each channel.
Up-conversion to 192kHz
The CD-3000 also processes up-conversion to the incoming digital audio data, via USB or Coaxial audio input, up to 192kHz. As a result, reproduced analog audio waveforms become much smoother.
Dual Power Transformers for Analog and Digital sections
A pair of large power transformers is employed for each analog and digital section respectively. Thanks to this design, high-frequency noise by-produced at the digital section cannot affect to analog section by travelling on current supply path.

Quality Build, Quality Design

Full Aluminum Body and Steel Chassis
The CD-3000 employs extremely thick aluminum panels for front, top and sides, as steel chassis is used for back panel and bottom chassis. This robust construction contributes to eliminate unnecessary vibration by its weight, and gives an authentic look to the CD-3000.
Center-mounted SACD/CD Drive Mechanism
The SACD/CD Mechanism is located at the center of the unit, to achieve the ideal weight distribution to reduce unnecessary vibrations. It also contributes to give the CD-3000 aesthetic appearance.
Balanced Analog Audio Output
In order to deliver the analog audio signal at the best conditions, the CD-3000 equips balanced analog audio output, and allows users to connect the CD-3000 to high-end amplifier or professional audio equipment.
Coaxial Digital Audio Input to be used as a D/A Converter Unit
The CD-3000 also equips a coaxial digital audio input that allows users to be used as a D/A Converter unit in your hi-fi system. You will be able to enjoy different sound nuance by processing different D/A Converters on the CD-3000.
Symmetric Analog Audio Circuit Layout
The analog audio section has symmetric pattern layout that equalizes travel distance of audio signal.
Remote Control with Aluminum Fascia
A handsome remote control with aluminum fascia comes with the CD-3000. It also equips major control keys for Distinction Amplifiers and AM/FM Tuner.


Features at-a-glance

  • Supports SACD, CD-DA, CD-R/RW Discs
  • USB2.0 High-speed USB Audio Input
  • 24bit/192kHz Dual D/A Converters for Left and Right Channels
  • Up-conversion to 192kHz
  • Dual Power Transformers for Digital and Analog sections
  • Full Aluminum Body and Steel Chassis
  • Center-mounted SACD/CD Drive for stability
  • Balanced Analog Audio Output
  • Coaxial Digital Audio Input to be used as a D/A Converter Unit
  • Symmetric Analog Audio Circuit Layout
  • Remote Control with Aluminum Fascia

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