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CD-H750 - CD Player

This model has been discontinued.


Stylish CD Player to Suit Any Listening Style or Audio System

Main Features

Equipped with BurrBrown PCM1791A D/A Converter for Supreme Audio
The CD-H750 is equipped with the highly-acclaimed BurrBrown PCM1791A DAC for high-end digital audio data conversion from Audio CD, USB Memory, iPod, and iPhone into supreme analog signals. The RCA output terminal features gold-plated connectors. The CD drive incorporates a central structure with optimal weight balance to deliver high-quality sound.
Aluminum Casing for Timeless Look and Rugged Build
Chassis of aluminum The front and side panels are made of luxurious and sturdy aluminum. Combined with a hairline finish, the unit will compliment any décor and establish itself as a high-quality audio product.
※The CD-H750 is the same size as the Reference 700 Series
"Made for iPod/iPhone" Certified for Music Playback Through Digital Connections
The CD-H750 is Apple "Made for iPod/iPhone" certified to ensure compatibility with Apple iOS devices, allowing digital iPod/iPhone connections via USB cable. Audio files on iPods can be transmitted as digital signals to the CD-H750's DAC for final conversion into superior analog signals for playback. Use the CD-H750 to turn an iPod/iPhone into a high-quality music player. The CD-H750 connection also charges the iPod during playback.
Since the CD-H750 digital output is capable of outputting digital audio signals from iPods, it can serve as a DD (digital to digital) converter or as an iPod dock when digitally connected to a higher-performance DAC.
Playback of MP3/WMA Files on CD-R/RW or from USB Memory Device
The CD drive of the CD-H750 is compatible with not just Audio CDs, but CD-R/RW containing MP3/WMA files. The CD-H750's USB connector is also capable of playing back MP3/WMA files stored on USB memory just like audio files on CDs.
Records Music from Audio CD to USB Memory Device in MP3 Format Without a PC
The CD-H750 can record music from Audio CD to a USB memory, allowing users to generate music data files from their CD library without the need for a PC.
※Music data is saved in MP3 format at user-selected bit rates (64/96/128/192 kbps).

Features at-a-glance

  • BurrBrown PCM1791A DAC
  • "Made for iPod/iPhone" certified
  • Outputs digital audio signals from iPod (PCM format (16bit/44.1kHz))
  • Capable of recording music in MP3 format on USB memory
  • Capable of playing back audio files on a USB memory (MP3/WMA supported)
  • Capable of playing back CD-R/RW discs containing MP3/WMA formats
  • Displays ID tags (title, artist, album name) for MP3/WMA files and iPod information
  • Program play (up to 32 music titles), shuffle play, repeat play (one title, all title, program, A/B)
  • Gold-plated RCA stereo analog line output terminal for high audio quality
  • Optical/coaxial digital output terminals
  • Headphones output with volume control
  • Dedicated remote control unit included