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DR-H338i - DVD/CD Receiver with USB/iPod Interface, Dolby Digital 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound, HDMI 1080p Output

This model has been discontinued.


TEAC’s DR-H338i combines a DVD player with a receiver and Dolby Virtual Surround Sound for great digital video and audio in one compact component. Play CDs or DVDs right in the unit, and plug the HDMI or component out to a video monitor for crisp display of your videos.

Two aux inputs join a USB input for additional music sources. Plug an Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad into the dock interface for playback from these devices. A stereo amplifier provides 50W per side to your speakers, with a massive Toroidal power transformer for plenty of power. Dolby’s Virtual Surround Sound technology is included for an enveloping theater experience.

Whether you enjoy music or movies, the TEAC DR-H338i provides a complete entertainment system in one component compact enough for any home or office.