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HA-P5 - Portable Headphone Amplifier with USB DAC


Integration of High-performance and Ergonomic Design,
USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier supporting DSD 5.6 and PCM 24/192




Ergonomic and human-friendly design
From the human-engineering point of view, the design of the HA-P5 started from the scratch. Compactness, lightweight and comfortable for human hands are keys to design, and it weighs only 182g or 6.4 oz. which is the lightest among TEAC’s portable headphone amplifiers.
Delivering the finest sound on the street, as a piece of daily essentials
The fundamental circuit design of the HA-P5 is based on the highly reputed TEAC Reference 501 series, the UD-501, a USB DAC, and the HA-501, a Headphone Amplifier. A high-performance D/A Converter PCM1795 from Burr-Brown allows the Hi-Res digital data to maximize its potential, as discrete designed push-pull circuit delivers high-quality audio signal from its 1/8" headphone jack.
Made in Tokyo
High-quality is another answer from TEAC. Every single HA-P5 is manufactured at the TEAC's own factory in Tokyo, Japan, all through the assembly processes, from the soldering to the final quality checking and the packing.


Main Features

Performance – High-performance digital circuit that pioneering the Hi-Res Audio Era

Burr-Brown PCM1795 D/A Converter
Same as the highly reputed USB DAC, the TEAC UD-501, and an industry-standard DSD Master Recorder, the TASCAM DA-3000 for recording studios and broadcasting stations, a high-performance D/A Converter, Burr-Brown PCM1795 settles in the heart of digital section to process millions of calculations a second that Hi-Res audio data require.
Dual on-board master clocks for 44.1kHz and 48kHz systems
Master clock is another key player on digital processing. The HA-P5 employs two high-precision crystal master clocks for 44.1kH (22.5792MHz) and 48kHz (24.576MHz) systems, to be synchronized with sampling frequency of the incoming digital audio signal precisely, which means an accurate Digital-to-Analog conversion is processed. Asynchronous transfer mode is also supported to cancel less-accurate clock signal sent from a computer or smartphone, – that affects to digital audio data while traveling – known as jitter-noise.
Circuit design eliminating noise interference
Circuit layout is designed to separate digital and analog sections, in order to eliminate distortions that is produced by interference noise.
Multi-platform design
The HA-P5 supports both USB A and USB Micro B inputs for direct connection with iOS devices – meaning no additional cable is required, such as Apple's Lightning-USB Camera Adapter –, allowing DSD 5.6MHz and PCM 24-bit/192kHz Hi-Res Audio input. They also allow connections with Android device, and Windows/Macintosh computers as well, at DSD 5.6MHz and PCM 24-bit/192kHz. A Hi-Res Audio Player software/app is provided free of charge.


Years of experiences from Headphone Amplifier Design

Discrete design with Push-pull circuit and Hi-Fi Op-amps
An A/B class headphone amplifier design is discretely composed with Push-pull circuit and Hi-Fi Op-amps. Know-hows from the world's reference headphone amplifier HA-501 are stuffed into the HA-P5, and its noise-reduced and crystal clear circuit design delivers 10 to 100,000Hz of frequency response and 110dB of Signal-to-Noise ratio, that mean the HA-P5 delivers both details of the master tape quality brought by Hi-Res audio format and nuances of the atmosphere as they were originally played.
Low-distortion and high-precision Op-amps OPA 1602 from Burr-Brown
Audio Op-amps Burr-Brown OPA1602 SoundPLUS® are employed in the headphone amplifier section, for low-distortion sound.
160mW + 160mW High-performance Power Amplifier
Thanks to its high-voltage and low-impedance circuit design, the HA-P5 delivers 160mW + 160mW of output power at 32-ohms load, or 30mW + 30mW at 600-ohms load, which are incomparable performance in Portable Headphone Amplifier.
High-quality Chip-film Capacitors designed for Hi-Fi
Large capacity chip-film capacitors are employed to eliminate its by-product noise and unnecessary vibrations.


Versatility for system expansion

Left and Right channel separated-ground circuit
From the headphone amplifier section to the 4-pole headphone jack, each ground of the left and right channel is completely separated from another, as conventional portable audio device share the same ground that causes worth channel-separation. The HA-P5's separated-grounds are also independent from that of amplifier section, and it contributes to deliver clear and "visible" sound stage.
The 4-pole headphone jack is also compatible with a conventional 3-pole headphone jack.
Pin assignment of the pole is as follows*. (from tip to bottom)
  • Tip: Left Positive
  • Ring: Right Positive
  • Ring: Left GND
  • Sleeve: Right GND
* Same as the Sony NW-ZX2 and Oppo HA-2.
Digital and Analog Inputs
In addition to the USB digital audio input, the HA-P5 equips both coaxial and optical digital audio inputs and a conventional analog line audio input, which are essential for portable headphone amplifiers. The coaxial and optical digital inputs supporting 24-bit/192kHz allows you to connect with a Hi-Res Audio player to compare differences of the sound generated by different D/A converter chip.
Multi-platform configuration and free Hi-Res playback Apps
Complementary Hi-Res audio playback apps/softwares are supplied from TEAC for both iOS and Android devices and both Windows and Macintosh computers. You will enjoy profound sound world of DSD 5.6MHz native Hi-Res sound on any platform you own.

Conventional Analog Audio output
Another advantage of the HA-P5 is a conventional analog audio output that is independent from the headphone amplifier section. This allows you to connect your existing home hi-fi system as a DAC unit, and turns it into today's Hi-Res hi-fi system.

HA-P5 Audio Diagram


Ergonomic design that merges functionality and beauty

Volume knob design that prevent from unwanted operations
The volume knob is seamlessly designed with the top-end shape to prevent from unwanted operations in your pocket or bag. Embowed curve of the knob comfortably fits your finger as you operate, and is also allows touch control.
Simplified LED indicators
Status indicators that tell sampling rate of the incoming digital audio and battery indicator are carefully and elegantly located on the front.
These allow you to confirm type of signal that is actually being played back at a glance. Battery level is displayed in 5 steps, and the blue LED around the volume knob blinks when it is low.
Light-weight body for mobile use
The HA-P5 employs full aluminum body not only for light-weight and robustness, but also for noise shielding.
Universal USB charging
A built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery allows 5 hours of operation (at digital connection), and it is compatible with de-fact standard USB AC adapters that supply 1.0A or more DC power.


Made at the TEAC's own factory in Tokyo, Japan

High-quality Print Circuit Boards
Any fine audio components and circuit design will not work well unless they are firmly mounted on a high-quality circuit board. The HA-P5's circuit boards are manufactured in a specialized factory in Japan, who produces that for professional audio equipment for broadcasting/recording industries. A thick-membrane copper layer with even thickness is employed for lowering impedance of the entire circuits, and its evenness contributes to equalize current level on the both power and ground lines, consequently, it refines sound quality.
Section of HA-P5's circuit board hole
Smooth surface (even contact)
  Section of conventional circuit board hole
Rough surface (uneven contact)
High-quality soldering
Soldering process is operated in the soldering pool filled with nitrogen that eliminates oxidization during the process, and improves reliability of the soldering. Also, material of the soldering is carefully selected for finer sound quality by improving current flow.


Exclusively designed accessories that color a life with the HA-P5

Valet Tray hand made of solid walnut by KOMA factory

By collaboration with a handmade furniture manufacturer KOMA in Musashino city, Tokyo, a wooden valet tray exclusively designed for the HA-P5 will be released. A solid walnut board is shaped and polished by hands in every carving, and its elegant shape that admires you gives a special atmosphere on your desk, as it enriches your moment of audio listening.
Hand made in Japan.

KOMA web site: (Japanese)
Leather Wrap by Van Nuys corp.
Famous for heavy-duty built and up-to-date design, the Van Nuys corp. collaborates with TEAC. A genuine leather wrap in various color provides perfect fit to the HA-P5 by its carefully sewn details. Assorted color.
Hand made in Japan.

Van Nuys web site: (Japanese)

* These accessories will be available in selected countries.


Features at-a-glance
  • Ergonomic and human-friendly design
  • Light-weight and compact body for mobile use
  • USB DAC supporting DSD 5.6MHz and PCM 24-bit/192kHz
  • 160mW + 160mW of Output Power (at 32-ohm load)
  • Headphone Output with Separated grounds for Left and Right channels
  • Direct connection with iOS devices for Hi-Res playback (Lightning-Camera Adapter not required)
  • LED indicators for Incoming Digital Audio Formats
  • Versatile Inputs of Digital and Analog (USB/Coaxial/Optical/Analog Line)
  • Free Hi-Res playback Apps/Software supplied from TEAC