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HR-X101-SC/BC - CD Micro System


New Generation CD Micro System for Hi-Res Era.

Color Variations

HR-X101-SC (Silver/Cherry)

HR-X101-BC (Black/Cherry)

HR-X101 is a combination product of the CR-H101 (CD receiver) and the LS-101HR (speakers).
HR-X101-SC (Silver/Cherry) is available in limited countries.

Main Features


Supports a variety of sources

Hi-Res Audio Streaming from Windows/Mac, up to 192kHz/24-bit
A USB port on back panel, Hi-Res Audio streaming up to 192kHz/24-bit from a computer, tablet, or smartphone is supported.

Notice about connections
  • Windows computers require a driver software available from TEAC web site.
  • iOS devices with a Lightning connector require a Lightning - USB Camera Adapter, and a USB cable.
  • iOS devices with a 30-pin connector require a iPad Camera Connection Kit, and a USB cable.
  • Android devices require an OTG cable (a.k.a. USB Host cable) and a USB cable.
Slim Slot-in CD Player supports MP3 and WMA files
A slim slot-in drive is used to help realize the compact format. CD playback including MP3 and WMA files on CD-R/RW discs and automatic playback are supported.
High-quality Wireless Audio Streaming via Bluetooth® aptX® Codec
In addition to the popular SBC codec, aptX® and AAC codecs are supported for high-quality audio. Enjoy wireless streaming of high-quality audio playback from compatible smartphones and tablets.
Built-in FM Tuner and Audio Inputs
A built-in PLL Synthesized FM Tuner supports 20 station presets for quick access to your favorite station. An optical and conventional analog audio inputs allow users to connect other audio/visual equipment including TV set.

Technologies for high-quality audio

Compact, High-efficiency Class-D Amplifier
The Class-D TPA3118 amplifier made by Texas Instruments enables both the compact size and the power to playback Hi-Res Audio sources without data loss. While compact, we have realized a high 26 watts + 26 watts output and crystal clear audio quality.
High-performance D/A Converter
We incorporated a high-performance BurrBrown PCM1795 D/A converter chip made by Texas Instruments. This chip has previously been used in our high-end UD-501 and UD-301. Boasting a high S/N ratio and an excellent distortion rate allows it to faithfully process Hi-Res Audio sources, which have data quantities that greatly exceed those of CDs, and bring out the wonderful nuances of the music.
Up-conversion of USB Streaming, CD, and Bluetooth® sources to Hi-Res equivalents
The built-in up-conversion function can oversample (2×) signals with sampling frequencies less than 96 kHz. This allows you to enjoy USB Streaming, CD, and Bluetooth® with higher-quality audio.
HR Loudness Circuit reproduces heavy low-frequency sounds with power
Using DSP processing, the HR loudness circuit provides speaker output that is optimal for the LS-101HR speakers included in this system. You can enjoy powerful low frequencies and clear high frequencies even during playback at low and medium volume levels. This HR Loudness circuit is not limited just to digital sources, which it can handle with resolutions up to 192kHz/24-bit. This DSP processing can be applied to any input source so that its effect can be enjoyed. Radio and other external analog input signals are converted to 96kHz/24-bit digital signals once by the high-precision A/D converter and then processed by the HR circuit.
USB Interface supporting Asynchronous Transfer Mode
The USB interface supports 192kHz/24-bit asynchronous transfer mode, which offers excellent suppression of jitter (time deviation the occurs when transmitting digital signals). This allows it to transmit enormous amounts of Hi-Res Audio source data accurately to the DAC.
On-board Dual Clock realizes accurate D/A conversion
Separate dedicated crystal oscillators are used for 44.1kHz and 48kHz multiples of the clock, which is crucial to jitter reduction. When playing back Hi-Res Audio sources, the original sound is reproduced faithfully by suppressing the impact of jitter using these high-precision on-board clocks.
TEAC HR Audio Player is an easy-to-use Hi-Res Audio playback application
TEAC HR AUDIO PLAYER is a free playback application available for Windows and Mac OS that allows you to enjoy the playback of Hi-Res Audio data with ease. With support for WAV, FLAC, MP3, AIFF and ALAC formats, it also has an Expand to RAM function that enables high-quality playback without burdening the CPU. This allows you to enjoy Hi-Res Audio sources with even higher audio quality.
Solid Aluminum Body and design that stands out
With a width of about 182 mm and a height of about 93 mm, the extremely compact body has a full-metal enclosure using aluminum that is about 3 mm on the top, front, left and right sides. The top panel has a grille reminiscent of those found on high-end power amplifiers, and the solid body has excellent vibration resistance, minimizing the impact of vibrations on audio quality.
Machined Aluminum Knobs
Cut aluminum knobs that feature ridges like those found on professional audio equipment are used for the large volume and source selection knobs on the front. The cool feel characteristic of metal provides a sense of satisfaction every time they are touched.
Subwoofer Pre-out for 2.1ch System
A subwoofer pre-out on back panel permits additional bass sound by connecting a powered subwoofer unit, as an optical digital input allows users to expand 2.1ch home theater system by receiving digital audio signal (Stereo PCM 96kHz or lower) from a TV/STB.
Versatile Clock Functions
The remote control Clock button can be pressed to show the current time. In addition, the timer function can be used to turn the CD player or FM tuner ON/OFF at set times.
Incredible sound performance

Micro Speakers designed for Hi-Res Audio playback
The compact enclosure, which is about 116 mm high and 182 mm wide, contains a 70mm cone woofer and a 20mm balanced dome tweeter. These are compact speakers designed for Hi-Res Audio and capable of reproducing high frequencies up to 40 kHz.
For the enclosure, natural wood panels with a cherry wood look have been applied to a high-density MDF base and given a lustrous piano finish to create a beautiful cabinet. Resistant to the effects of changes caused by time and climate, you will be able to enjoy listening to music with these speakers for a long time. In order to achieve more faithful playback and not lose the energy of the music, we have thoroughly sealed them to achieve airtightness. An R shape has been used for the bass reflex ports to prevent the occurrence of unwanted air noise.
New 20mm PEI Balanced Dome Tweeter
A PEI (polyetherimide) balanced dome tweeter that achieves clear high-frequency performance has been adopted. It supports the playback of frequencies above 40 kHz, which are responsible for the "air" that is essential in Hi-Res Audio playback. This allows the speaker to reproduce Hi-Res Audio sources without losing their fine nuances. The diffuser incorporated into the front of the tweeter achieves a wide orientation and allows a natural sound field to be enjoyed even during near field listening.
70mm Woofer enriches Low-frequency
A paper cone that enables natural playback of medium and low frequencies is used in the woofer. In addition, the rubber material used for the edges has been made as flexible as possible and resonant frequencies have been minimized to produce sound that approaches the power of speakers that are a size larger. In the woofer unit, a strong 70mm diameter magnet has been employed, and its ability to play back low frequencies with the capacity for even high output levels has been enhanced.
Gold-plated speaker terminals compatible with banana plugs
Screw-type speaker terminals that are compatible with banana plugs have been used to enable secure connections with speaker cables. In addition, the terminals have been gold-plated to prevent oxidation.


Features at-a-glance
  • Compact CD Receiver for desktop
  • High-performance Class-D Amplifier delivers 26watts + 26 watts
  • PCM 192kH/24bit Hi-Res Audio streaming
  • HR Loudness enhances Mid/Low frequency at low volume level (applicable to all sources)
  • BurrBrown PCM1795 D/A Converter
  • Dual On-board Clocks for 44.1kHz and 48kHz systems
  • 2x Up-conversion applicable to USB, CD and Bluetooth® inputs (up to 192kHz)
  • aptX® High-quality wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth®
  • USB Audio Input
  • Optical Digital Audio Input
  • Analog Line Input
  • Gold-plated Screw-type Speaker Terminals
  • 1/8" Stereo Mini Headphone Out
  • Subwoofer Pre-out
  • Aluminum Body allows Horizontal or Vertical settings
  • Machined Aluminum Volume Knob
  • Remote Control
  • On/Off and Sleep Timer
  • Cooling-fan-less Design
  • Small footprint 2-way Speakers
  • Free Hi-Res Audio Playback Software "TEAC HR Audio Player" provided for Windows/Macintosh
  • RoHS complied