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LS-H265 - 2-Way Speaker System

This model has been discontinued.


The LS-H265 speakers from TEAC are bookshelf-sized monitors with the sound performance of much larger cabinets. The gloss black cabinet houses a two-way system with 5" woofer and 1" dome tweeter. A maximum power rating of 125W and 88dB sensitivity rating means the monitors can handle a lot of volume before breaking up. Frequency response goes to 40kHz, well above most competing monitors. The gold plated terminal posts accommodate speaker wire of any gauge.

The perfect match for our Reference series amplifiers, the TEAC's LS-H265 monitors deliver surprising performance in a compact package that fits any décor.


Main features

Titanium dome tweeter for uniform high-range emission characteristics
The LS-H265 features a 1" (20 mm) titanium dome tweeter with high resolution and excellent reproduction of audio transients for high-range playback characteristics and minimal loss of clarity. This component conveys the texture of a performance with palpable presence, while offering a consistent performance even after continuous high-power driving. The front-facing waveguide contributes to an improved presence, by adding depth and a feeling of space to the reproduced sound. The waveguide also helps protect the unit responsible for reproducing the delicate high range.
Bass unit with large center cap
The LS-H265 features a 5" (133 mm) woofer unit with large center cap. The center cap effectively attenuates any unwanted high-range to achieve a natural crossover to the tweeter.
Rear bass-reflex configuration for rich low-frequency range
The bass-reflex port at the rear ensures satisfying reproduction of signals in the low-frequency range.
Other features
・Black version (Piano black finish) and Walnut version (Glossy walnut veneer finish) are available.
・Gold-plated binding-post speaker terminals (Banana plug compatible)
・Magnetically shielded design