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PD-H600 - High Resolution CD Player, 24bit/192khz Delta Sigma D/A Conversion

This model has been discontinued.


TEAC’s acclaimed PD-H600 is a premium quality CD player – providing audiophile-approved sound without the audiophile sticker price.

The TEAC transport features a CD tray made from the strongest synthetic material available. A rigid aluminum cabinet and front panel resist vibrations and interference. Its master clock generator is operated with a finite low noise current located independently on the circuit adjacent to DA converter to avoid jitter noise. Other advancements under the hood include a toroidal core power transformer, a shunt regulator circuit for sudden musical surges, and premium ELNA capacitors. The PD-H600 uses the Burr Brown PCM1796 D/A converter, a 192kHz/24-bit component, for optimum audio quality.

Winner of The Absolute Sound’s Golden Ear Award in 2010 and their Editor’s Choice in 2011, the TEAC PD-H600 should be your top pick for quality CD playback in your listening room.