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S-300HR - Coaxial 2-way Speaker System


Coaxial 2-way speakers support Hi-Res Audio while suiting an analog era.
These speakers allow the soundstage of Hi-Res Audio playback to be heard.

Color Variations

S-300HR-CH (Cherry)

S-300HR-B (Black)

Main Features


Delivers Audiophile Reference Sound Quality, Wherever You May Roam

Newly-developed wide range coaxial 2-way units
These speakers have been newly developed based on the 13cm coaxial two-way units previously developed for the S-300NEO. The woofer section uses an Air-Dump Center Pole System as in the S-300NEO, while the tweeter section uses a new titanium dome tweeter that allows playback of frequencies up to 50 kHz. The outstanding soundstage positioning and rich sound that exceeds expectations for its size have not changed. With the additional support for Hi-Res Audio playback, however, you can enjoy the expressiveness of even higher resolution and fine nuances.
Simplified network circuit
With the goal of unaffected playback that is flat and free from coloration, we employed a −6dB/oct circuit for the crossover network. We sought to realize even higher audio quality, and in order to achieve the characteristics of a simple circuit, we have employed air core coils that suppress the generation of magnetostriction and film capacitors that provide high audio quality.
Tweeter grille with unique patterns
For the protection of the delicate titanium tweeters, which is susceptible to damage and denting, we have used stainless steel grilles with a unique design the provides both strength and an even greater opening ratio. This original opening design pattern would be impossible to achieve with conventional punching techniques so we used high precision etching technologies to realize it.
Enclosure designed with attention to detail
The enclosure made with high-density MDF employs a rear duct bass-reflex design. Seeking to maximize the audio quality, we made adjustments to fine details in order to reproduce a rich soundstage that does not lose the excellent positioning provided by the coaxial two-way units. In addition to the opening diameter and length of the duct, we also tuned the distribution of damper materials as well as the setting of other suitable sound absorption materials. Furthermore, we increased the height by 20 mm compared to the S-300NEO and expanded the enclosure volume to make the unit even wider range. We have tailored the design for the optimal balance between high and low frequencies.
Elegant panels with a lustrous finish
The cabinet uses elegant panels with a lustrous finish. Not only do these create a beautiful appearance, they also protect the speakers from changes caused by time and climate, so you will be able to enjoy using them for a long time.
Net grille that uses magnetic attachment
Magnetic attachments are used for the speaker grilles so clasps are unnecessary. Since nothing protrudes from the front baffle, the flat design is preserved and the beautiful appearance is maintained even if the grille is removed.
3-point spikes and bases are included for the further pursuit of audio quality. Since they can be attached and removed, they can be used as appropriate for the installation environment.


Features at-a-glance
  • 50Hz to 50,000Hz frequency response for Hi-Res Audio playback
  • TEAC's traditional coaxial 2-way unit for outstanding sound-stage positioning
  • 25mm Titanium dome tweeter
  • 130mm Paper cone woofer
  • Air Dump Center Pole System provides ideal circumstance for both Tweeter and Woofer
  • Air-core coil eliminates magnetic strain
  • Rear Bass-reflex
  • 100 Watts Maximum Handling Power
  • Robust Cabinet employs high-density MDF
  • Luxurious gloss finish on natural wood (Cherry, Piano Black)
  • Gold-plated screw type speaker terminals supporting Bi-wiring connection
  • Detachable magnet-attached speaker grills
  • full-fledged 3 point spikes and foot bases
  • Cleaning cloth included
  • RoHS complied