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SR-LUXi - Table-Top Audio Lamp

This model has been discontinued.


TEAC’s unique SR-LUXi mashes up an iPod dock, clock radio and tabletop lamp into one unique component. The large digital clock has three steps of dimming and the standard alarm, sleep timer and snooze functions. You can wake to a buzzer, FM radio or  your iPod library. The Apple-approved iPod dock charges your device while it’s hooked up, and plays through a full-sounding twin-drive speaker system.

Built into the top of the SR-LUXi is a dimmable LED lamp. The lamp can be connected to the alarm, switching on minutes before your alarm for a natural wakening state. Perfect for the bedroom, hotel installation, kitchen or office, the unique design of the TEAC SR-LUXi frames your iPod or iPhone while making it sound its best.